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Rules for Cottage 105 Amberley

Beach conditions vary year to year.

Power/Heat Souce

We recommend you bring flashlights in the event of a power failure at the cottage. In rural areas, interruptions to electrical power supply may last a little longer than in the city. Also, remember that the water system operates on an electrical pump. Therefore do not run the water when the power is off. Municipal water system will usually allow water usage in the event of a power failure but water may not be safe to drink.

Location of fuse box/electrical panel: Closet in basement rec. room
Power stays on permanently?: Power stays on all the time.


If there is a wood-burning fireplace or stove listed in the Cottage Inventory as available for your use, please do not use artificial logs or anything other than regular firewood. Do not overload fireplace. Make certain that the flue is open prior to lighting a fire, and that the fireplace screen/doors are in place while fire is burning. DO NOT cut down trees on the property for firewood. Unless otherwise specified, the firewood provided should be more than adequate for your needs. Please do not burn excessive amounts of wood unnecessarily. Do not cut/split wood anywhere inside the cottage.

Special Instructions:
Woodstove in cottage and wood provided

Outdoor Fires

Outdoor fires are only allowed if the cottage owners have an established permanent fire pit area. Before lighting any fire out of doors, check with the local Township office regarding fire regulations, restrictions and permits required. Pour water on all fires, to ensure they are completely out. Do not make a large fire as nearby trees and brush can catch on fire.

Waste Disposal

Never leave garbage outside the cottage unless it is in a tightly covered container. Country critters are attracted to garbage. Unless you wish to have additional company during your vacation, please follow the garbage disposal instructions below. All garbage must be removed from the property at the end of your rental period. Any garbage left at the cottage premises will result in a $50.00 disposal charge.

Location of nearest landfill: Garbage bags and tags provided. Place in roadside container on Lake Range Drive. Pick-up is EARLY MONDAY MORNINGS.
Location of nearest Recycling Depot: Place recyclables in blue box. See list of accepted items on fridge. Pick-up is alternate Wednesdays as marked in red on calendar on fridge. PLEASE return all beer and liquor empties to the Amberley store on departure.

Water Source

Most cottage properties in this area use either a private well, or the municipal water system as a water source, while a few use lake water. If it says the water source is well or lake the following usually applies. The water may be safe to drink, but many cottage owners filter or boil their water, or bring in drinking water from an outside source. Cottages with wells or lake water supply use an electric pump to provide water inside the cottage. The pump will go off and on when the system requires water. Please note that it normally should NOT run for more than 10 minutes straight or so, when there is no water being run. Check owner instructions regarding pump. If you believe there is a problem, turn the pump off until you have contacted the maintenance person listed, or the rental agency to determine if there is indeed, a difficulty. If it says municipal water supply below all of the above does not apply to this property.

Cottage Water Source: Municipal water (drinkable) Hot water heater in basement furnace room.
Location of water pump and hot water heater: Generator to power house available on site. (to be implemented by owner)

Bathroom/ Septic System

Many cottages operate on a septic system which is very sensitive. The basic rule is DO NOT PUT ANYTHING down the toilet other than natural waste and toilet paper (and be conservative with the paper).

  • Use one-ply paper whenever possible.
  • No paper towels, Kleenex, tampons, pads, matches, hair, grease, strong chemicals, etc. These are guaranteed to back up the system.
  • Also, it is easier on the system if you flush only when absolutely necessary.
  • If the power goes out for a period of time, and you need to flush the toilet more than once, fill the tank up with water from the lake if possible, then flush. When water system is a Municipal system water is usually still available to flush toilets.
  • See note under Power/Heat Source.

The septic bed (identified outdoors as the large, flat/level open section of the lot) can be easily damaged by excessive weight. Do not drive or park on the lawn.

  • Do not drive over, or park any vehicles in this area.
  • Septic systems have a maximum capacity with regard to use (i.e. number of persons, washrooms, laundry, etc.).
  • Do not exceed the maximum number of persons determined for this cottage and indicated on your rental agreement.

Cottage Cleaning

Thank you for your consideration in leaving the cottage (inside and out) thoroughly clean and tidy, as it was for your arrival. If you deplete any cleaning supplies, please replace them for the next guests. We have provided a checklist for your use prior to your departure. Please remember that it is required that the cottage be left thoroughly clean and tidy. If the property requires additional cleaning following your departure, deductions will be made from your security/damage deposit to cover the cost.


Due to the current health crisis, please take extra care in cleaning. The following link provides tips on cleaning & disinfecting from the CDC:


Location of cleaning supplies: Under Kitchen Sink



Please do not burn any foreign materials (i.e. wood) in the BBQ. The BBQ grill should be cleaned/brushed after each use. Operating instructions are affixed to the BBQ. If not, make sure the lid is open and the match or lighter burning BEFORE you turn on the propane. After each use, turn off both the BBQ On/Off valve and the tank valve.

If this cottage is equipped with a propane barbecue, the propane tank has been filled by the owners prior to your arrival. If the propane runs out during your stay, please check the Inventory list to see if an extra tank has been provided. If not, please go to the nearest refill station and refill the tank prior to leaving the cottage.


Cable TV service is not available in rural areas. Therefore, television reception and selection of channels tends to be limited. Please refer to TV section under inventory to see what this cottage offers for service. During thunder and lightning storms, please unplug televisions and stereo systems.

Recreational Equipment

NOTE: If we have not indicated that a piece of recreational equipment is available on the Cottage Inventory List, then it is not for the use of renters. Therefore, if there is a boat at the cottage, but one is not listed on your Cottage Inventory list, PLEASE DO NOT USE.

No Rv's or tents allowed on cottage property at any time.

When boating, remember that one approved life jacket or personal floatation device for each person on board is required by law. The availability of life jackets at the cottage is indicated on your Cottage Inventory list. It is recommended that you bring your own.

The Cottage Community

Everyone knows everyone else in cottage communities, and they keep an eye on each other's property. Don't be surprised if someone asks you who you are. Explain that you are guests of the owners. Your consideration of the owner's place in that community will be appreciated. No loud parties or noise after 10:00 p.m., observe normal boating and water guidelines, etc.

Each cottage township may experience different closures & regulations due to COVID-19 (ex: beach closure, fire ban, park closures, etc.). Please be sure to follow local regulations accordingly. 


If there is a telephone at the cottage, you are welcome to use it for local calls only. Any long distance calls must be charged to another number, or your phone card. Any long distance charges billed during the period of your occupancy will be deducted from the security deposit, along with a $20.00 administrative charge per call. Nearest payphone-


Long Distance Restrictions: no longdistance calls allowed

Food Supplies

Since the owners use the cottage themselves, they may leave some food supplies or staples at the cottage. You are welcome to use these if you need to, but we ask that you replace any supplies that become depleted during your stay.

Linens and Towels

In many cottages, linens and towels are not provided with rentals. If there are linens and towels in the cottage, and your agreement or inventory does not indicate use of linens and towels is allowed, please do not use. There will be a $100.00 cleaning charge if these items are used.


If your rental agreement indicates that pets are not allowed, this also applies to any guests that may visit during your stay. At those cottages where pets are welcome, please keep your pet on a leash, or near you at all times. Do not allow your pet to disturb the neighbours. Your efforts to stoop & scoop will be appreciated by the owners and the next guests.

Just because a cottage says no pets does not mean there have not been pets previously visiting the cottage. If you have a pet allergy please contact the rental agency so that they may verify with the owners as to the last time a pet was at the cottage.


The maximum number of persons permitted at this cottage, includes children, daytime & overnight guests.

Maximum number of vehicles permitted at this cottage, includes daytime & overnight guests.
Failure to adhere to these maximums will result in either immediate eviction without refund, or a $100 per night (or per day) charge for each additional guest/vehicle.

COVID-19 UPDATE: You must adhere to the Governement regulations regarding social distancing. LHCR and the owners do not take responsibility in any repercussions that the renter/guests may receive for not obeying the rules.

Maximum Occupancy: 9
Maximum Vehicles: 3 vehicles

Check in time 400pm/Check-out time is 10:30 a.m.

Check in time  400pm Check-out time is 10:30 a.m. unless otherwise indicated on your booking confirmation form. Please adhere to this schedule in order that there be sufficient time for any cottage maintenance and preparation for the next cottage guests. Please ensure that all keys are returned to the lock box if one has been provided at this cottage.  Late check outs will insue a $50.00 charge.

Personal Items

Please remember to take all of your personal items when you check out. If requested, the cottage owners will retain any forgotten items for a maximum of 2 weeks while you arrange to pick them up. Neither Lake Huron Cottage Rentals, nor the cottage owner will be responsible for returning any forgotten items by mail or courier, etc.

Insects, etc

In cottage country, there is an over-abundance of insects and creepy-crawlies, and we, as humans, can do very little to control these critters. To discourage insects and small rodents, please keep exterior screen doors closed at all times.


Our top priority is the health & safety of everyone involved in our cottage rentals. Therefore, we must adhere to the new health guideline’s provided by the Provincial Government and World Health Association. Please read the following carefully, as these are the new terms & conditions that apply to rentals following COVID-19:


  1. I (the renters/guests) am currently not experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, nor have I had COVID-19 symptoms in the last 14 days.
  2. I (the renters/guests) have not travelled outside of Canada or in an area under a travel health advisory in the last 14 days.
  3.  I (the renters/guests) have not provided care or had close contact with any person with COVID-19, with any person reasonably suspected of having COVID-19, with any person who travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days, or with any person who travelled in an area under a travel health advisory in the last 14 days.
  4. I (the renters/guests) have not been advised by the Government of Canada, Ontario Public Health, my doctor, or the Ontario Ministry of Health website to self-isolate due to possible exposure to COVID-19.
  5. I (the renters/guests) freely and voluntarily agree to assume the risk with respect to COVID-19 when renting a cottage, and release any liability to LHCR and to the owner of the cottage I have rented.
  6. I (the renters/guests) agree to adhere to the Governement regulations regarding social distancing, and understand that LHCR and the owner of the cottage do not take responsibility in any repercussions that may be received for not obeying the rules.


With respect to everyone involved in the rental, please adhere to the latest up to date information regarding COVID-19 safety and sanitary rules – it is your responsibility to keep informed.



Grey Bruce Public Health: 

Huron County Public Health:

CDC Cleaning & Disinfecting:



COVID-19 Province of Ontario:



COVID-19 Government of Canada:

COVID-19 Travel Advice:

Government of Canada Travel Health:

World Health Organization:

Beach conditions

Beach conditions can change drastically due to storms or other natural events. While we try to ensure that the Cottage Profile contains an accurate description of the beach associated with the Cottage, neither Lake Huron Cottage Rentals, nor the property owner take responsibility for any such changes in beach conditions.

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