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  • How do I book a cottage?

    • Step 1: Please review the Cottage Rules & detailed Inventory List (see cottage description page) prior to booking your cottage. These Cottage Rules will form part of our Rental Agreement with you. The Inventory List will set out exactly what items will be available for your use at the cottage.

      Step 2: Call or email our office to confirm the availability and request a reservation on the cottage of your choice. All reservations are made on a first come, first served basis. We will hold that property in your name for 24 hours.

      Step 3: Complete the On-Line Application Form, click on the button at the bottom which will calculate all charges and generate a formal Rental Application. You must then print & sign this Rental Application and send the deposits as described below. On the page before the 'printable form', you will find complete Terms & Conditions of all rentals, which we require that you read and accept. If we do not receive your signed Application & appropriate deposits within 5 business days, your reservation will be cancelled. NOTE: All Applications MUST include deposit AND signed forms. Incomplete Applications will not be processed.

      Step 4: Once we have received and reviewed your Rental Application, we will email you written confirmation of your booking, and acceptance of your Application. Acceptance of the Rental Application by LHCR constitutes a binding Rental Agreement between the Applicant (and their party) and LHCR based on the Terms & Conditions of all rentals. Approximately 10 days before your booking starts we will forward to you (via email) how to get the information specific to the cottage of your choice (map/route directions, how to obtain the key, etc.). Receipt of any deposit prior to the LHCR's written confirmation of the reservation shall not constitute acceptance of any booking.
  • What fees am I responsible for, and when are they due?

      • Vacationers are responsible for the payment of "Total Charges", which include the full accommodation charges, a $40.00 administration fee (HSTnot included), and a damage deposit in the amount of $500.

      • If you are booking the cottage MORE THAN 30 days before the start of your rental period, you must provide 1/2 of the "Total Charges" along with your Rental Application. The balance of the Total Charges are due and payable 30 days before your rental begins.

      • If you are booking the cottage LESS THAN 30 days before the start of your rental period, you must provide the "Total Charges" along with your Rental Application.

      • Lake Huron Cottage Rentals is a registered Travel Agency, licensed by the Province of Ontario. We are registered with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario, which requires us to place all funds collected into a Travel Industry Trust Account. These funds are insured and protected by the Travel Industry Compensation Fund. All payments are to be made by way of certified cheque, money order, bank draft, or traveller's cheques, and payable to TPI (TRAVEL PROFESSIONALS INTERNATIONAL). We do accept credit cards at this time. All fees and rates include all taxes unless otherwise specified. You may choose to pay in U.S. Dollars, in which case, please follow the instructions on the Application. Otherwise, all payments must be in Canadian Dollars.

      Damage Deposit:/ Security Deposit

      Lake Huron Cottage Rentals collects a damage deposit to ensure compliance with the Terms & Conditions of the Rental Agreement. This deposit is held in our Travel Industry Trust Account for a maximum of 40 days (until the phone bill clears) after the last day of your rental. All or part of this deposit may be used for any damage, long distance telephone charges, excessive cleaning, or any other non-compliance with the Rental Agreement.

  • How much notice do I need to book a cottage?

    • Obviously, the earlier you reserve your holiday cottage, the more likely it is that you will obtain the features you are looking for, and the dates you are seeking for your family's vacation. Lake Huron Cottage Rentals will accept Rental Applications up to one week in advance of a rental period. Please remember, however, that Applications received less than 30 days before the start of your rental period must be accompanied by full payment of all charges in certified funds.
  • What happens if I want to cancel my reservation?

    • Any cancellation by the vacationer must be forwarded in writing to Lake Huron Cottage Rentals. If we are able to re-book the cottage for the entire period of your reservation, Lake Huron Cottage Rentals will refund all monies paid by the renter, less a $50 cancellation fee. If we are only able to re-book a part of the original reservation period, the renter will be refunded a proportionate amount of the monies paid, less a $50 cancellation fee. If we are unable to re-book the property for any part of the original reservation period, then all monies paid by the renter will be forfeited to Lake Huron Cottage Rentals.
  • Can I use the telephone and other items the owners have left in the cottage?

    • Use of the cottage phone, IF there is one, is limited to local calls only. All long distance calls must be charged to the renter's calling card. Any long distance charges appearing on the owner's phone bill for the cottage during your stay will be deducted from the damage deposit, along with a $20 administrative charge per call.

      Since the owners use the cottage themselves, they may leave food supplies, or other staples in the home. The Inventory List and Cottage Rules (which can be viewed by following the link from the Cottage Profile page) will describe all of the inventory at the cottage. If you are permitted to use an item, it will be described in these documents. Otherwise, please assume that you are not permitted to use the item.
  • Who cleans the cottage?

    • Cottage cleaning is not included with the rental. It is the responsibility of the renter(s) to ensure the property is left thoroughly clean and tidy. This means that a thorough cleaning must be done by you and your party prior to departure. Cleaning supplies are provided for you. The cottage must be left in the condition in which it was found. Please do not leave your garbage behind! All garbage must be disposed of as set out in the Cottage Rules for the property. Deductions from your damage deposit will result if this cleaning policy is not adhered to.
  • What are the COVID-19 Regulations?

    • With respect to everyone involved in the rental, please adhere to the latest up to date information regarding COVID-19 safety and sanitary rules – it is your responsibility to keep informed.

      You must adhere to the social distancing regulations.

      Please refer to the Rules page for updates & linked resources.
  • Suggestions/Tips on renting cottages

      • Please remember that this property is someone else's private vacation home and treat it accordingly.

      • Unless specified otherwise, linens, towels, blankets, and pillows are not supplied.

      • Although there may be running water, we suggest you bring your own drinking water.

      • If you plan on bringing your own watercraft, be sure to advise us when you book the cottage.

      • Check the restriction list before booking, i.e.: pets, smoking, guests, fires, etc.

      • Beach conditions can change drastically due to storms or other natural events. While we try to ensure that the Cottage Profile contains an accurate description of the beach associated with the Cottage, neither Lake Huron Cottage Rentals, nor the property owner take responsibility for any such changes in beach conditions or closures.

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